This website is run by yo, the Japanese organization of ArtCenter College of Design in Pasadena, California. The yo was an organization created in 1998, given its name by Ken Okuyama. It is an organization that gives a chance for Japanese students and students who have interest in Japanese culture to communicate, network, and socialieze.


This website is constructed in the hopes of having prospective students, current students, and alumni communicate better as well as exchanging helpful information. It consists of meaningful FAQs for prospective students flying over seas from Japan, as well as discussion forums and postings to support art works created by current students and alumni.


We hope that the yo website will become a useful site where many ArtCenter students and alumni may benefit in many ways. The yo organization is just a starting point on your research. Please check the ArtCenter College of Design website (http://www.artcenter.edu/) for current information.


このサイトはアートセンターに関する情報のリサーチをお手伝いする目的で運営されていますが、掲載されている情報は最新のものでない場合があります。正確な最新情報はアートセンターの公式ウェブサイト (http://www.artcenter.edu/) をご参照下さい。



Photographed by Kai Iwamoto